CHF BC started its Sustainability Newsletter in summer 2021. You can sign-up for the sustainability report and other e-news communications on our website: Articles from the newsletters will be archived here.

Report #1
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Report #1

Our first sustainability newsletter!

The past month has seen the hottest temperatures on record in BC, accompanied by forest fires and many people dying*. Climate change is real and is being felt now. What can we do?

We’ll be looking at different ways we can adapt and mitigate. Adaptations are actions we can take to minimize the harms that are already appearing because of climate change; mitigations are actions we can take to reduce the heat-trapping gases that human activities have been adding to the atmosphere and that are impacting climate.

In each issue – there’ll be four a year – we’ll try to offer some suggestions and look at environmental sustainability more broadly, especially as it connects to housing.