Wood Shop Workers Co-operative is a worker owned, triple bottom line organization. They craft custom wood furniture and millwork for homes and businesses. From shelving units, tables, and bed frames, to full home office design/builds, they work with you every step of the way to fit your needs.

CHFBC member households get a 10% discount on all Wood Shop offerings.

Looks Good. Does Good.

Crafting furniture that looks good and does good.

At the heart of Wood Shop you will find people who want to make a difference by creating good furniture. They focus on using reclaimed, locally sourced materials and only environmentally-approved finishes, while providing meaningful employment to people with barriers to employment.

When you choose Wood Shop you are choosing to support local community partnerships which prevent waste, create meaningful and inclusive employment, and host training opportunities for folx living with barriers.

What’s not to love?

Community Focused

Wood Shop's social and environmental efforts are an integral part of what they offer as a business:

They provide stable, meaningful work to those in their neighborhood with barriers to employment.

They  get wood from sustainable and reclaimed sources.

Their finishing products are plant based, low VOC, and not tested on animals.

They are are passionate about building a better world with our many community partners.