CHF BC offers members a wide selection of appliances through our group-buying partner.

Trail Appliances | Purchasing Appliances

A wide range of
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Trail Appliances

Family-owned and operated Trail Appliances is Western Canada's largest dealer of many popular, brand-name appliances.

A CHF BC group buying partner since 2009, Trail provides fully integrated, province-wide service and delivery of its high-quality, durable products, including a number of Energy Star options. Our special CHF BC pricing means members can take advantage of volume savings, even when they have a small order.

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Purchasing Appliances

Get more information about Trail Appliances for your region below.

(1) On the Mainland, contact Catherine Maxwell at 778-571-3476 or Get more details on the Mainland How To Checklist.

(2) On Vancouver Island, contact Melissa Hofer at 250-475-1511 or Get more details on the Vancouver Island How To Checklist.

If you have questions, please contact Arnold Sang, Commercial Services Director at