CHF BC is the central voice for housing co-operatives in BC. We represent and advocates for over 260 housing co-operatives in British Columbia. This including over 30,000 co-op members living in almost 15,000 co-op homes in 32 municipalities across the province.

The voice of B.C.'s housing co-ops


All our advocacy work is guided by our vision to grow an inclusive community of sustainable and permanently affordable co-operative housing in B.C.

We—along with our partners at the Community Land Trust, Housing Central and CHF Canada—work with federal, provincial and municipal governments to support existing co-ops, and to develop more co-op housing, so we can continue to lead the way in creating inclusive, accessible and sustainable communities. There is significant unmet demand for affordable and co-operative housing B.C., and we want more people to experience the security, vibrancy and resiliency of living in a housing co-operative.

Housing Central

Housing Central is a strategic alliance between the BC Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA), Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC), and the Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA) .

Our mission is to strengthen and grow the community housing sector so all British Columbians have a safe, secure home they can afford.

Federal Advocacy

We support our partners at CHF Canada in their advocacy with the federal government.

Provincial Advocacy

Examples of our provincial advocacy record include:

Municipal Advocacy

We with various municipal governments across the province to support existing co-ops and the development of new co-operative homes. This advocacy work includes: