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Ask the Lawyers

On May 6, 2020, CHF BC members took part in this Town Hall with co-op lawyers Geoffrey Dabbs and Grant Haddock. The lawyers tackled a range of questions on challenges facing housing co-ops during the time of the COVID pandemic and best practices for co-ops at anytime.

Please note: this information is provided for general interest and should not be considered legal advice.


There were 39 questions overall.  We grouped them into the following categories:

  • Overview 5:20
  • Governance (Meetings) questions 1 to 7 8:17
  • Governance (Rules and Policies) questions 8 to 19 28:45
  • Membership Terminations questions 20 to 26 1:02:49
  • Financial questions 27 to 30 1:17:06
  • Operations and Maintenance questions 31 to 37 1:26:43
  • Other Questions questions 38 and 39 1:43:59

Please note: other questions participants asked during the webinar were answered throughout.

Poll Results

Throughout the town hall, we asked questions via poll of the participants and you can see the poll results at these points in the video:

  1. Who do Canadians trust most? 5:09
  2. A consent resolution is valid when? 20:58
  3. What of the following is not allowed at a members’ meeting? 28:32
  4. Members can ignore physical distancing advice (when)? 46:58
  5. A co-op cannot terminate someone’s membership for? 1:02:29