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Activity Ideas

There are numerous types of activities your co-op could host. Here is a list of activity ideas to get your creative gears turning.

We are looking for co-op led activities that celebrate—and educate—your co-op members about diversity and belonging. By diversity and belonging we mean respect for, and appreciation of, our differences, including; ethnicity, gender identity and expression, nationality, sexual orientation, age, religion, education, and ability.  Here are some  ideas to consider.

  • Art exhibition
  • Block party
  • Book club
  • Community art project
  • Concert or cultural performance.
  • Cultural/Community show & tell
  • Dance classes or music sessions
  • Fashion show
  • Film festival, series, or screening
  • Food festivals, potlucks, or cooking demonstrations
  • Guest speaker or panel discussion
  • Member roundtable, dialogue or conversation
  • “Mini-museum” of cultural items from co-op members
  • Photo board/collage
  • Story-telling session
  • Trivia event
  • Video project
  • Volunteer activity with an equity seeking community
  • Walking tour or field trip

These are just suggestions, if your co-op has an idea not on this list, we encourage you to pursue it!