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How to Apply

It's easy – just fill out our online form and hit submit!

To be considered for a Year of Belonging Award, simply submit your activity using our online application form by May 16, 2024.



Your submission should include:

  1. What you did: Describe the activity your co-op organized to celebrate diversity and inclusion.
  2. Who did it: Specify who organized and participated in the activity within your co-op.
  3. Things you learned: Share any insights or lessons your co-op and it’s member learned from your activity.
  4. How your co-op benefitted: Explain the positive impact these initiatives had on your co-op and its members.
  5. Documentation: Include photos, videos, audio description, slide presentation, or other documentation that showcase your activity.


Co-ops can submit multiple activities, but only one award will be granted per housing co-operative.

Application Form