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Deanna Overland

Hello! I am Deanna Overland and I am once again seeking your support for my bid to serve on the CHF BC Board of Directors.

I have served on the board for the past two years and am seeking re-election. In the past two years I have had the pleasure and honour to serve on the Executive, the Governance, Education and Climate Emergency Task Force Committees. In this time, I have also served as the delegate to the BCNPHA (BC Non-Profit housing Association) and Central One. The past two years have been extraordinary and unprecedented times throughout the world, our country, our province, and our region as we all learn how to adapt to the pandemic. It has also been an exciting time within the co-operative sector as we advocate for real change in affordable, equitable, secure housing for all. The work the board has completed in the past two years has only fortified my desire and emboldened me to press forward and want to do more.

I continue to hold the beliefs I did when I ran two years ago. I continue to be passionate about affordable housing and building a strong sense of community. I am interested in proactively engaging politically at all levels in order to continually pursue effective, respectful, responsible governance for all. I believe in listening to members and finding ways to amplify their voices. And my interest in creating more affordable housing in BC with a focus on greener initiatives has not waned.

Professionally, I am a leader, mentor, artist and performer in the theatre and film communities, where I am a proud member of the CAEA, UBCP/ACTRA unions. I have a post graduate diploma from Queen’s University in Arts Management. For the past 10 years I have been an instructor in the theatre department at the Shadbolt Arts Centre in Burnaby BC, where I teach music theatre and speech arts where I encourage children to find their voices.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the CHF BC members as I strive to ensure continued strong governance, policy and risk management, ongoing equitable development for the sector and future creation and protection of co-operative homes that meet our community’s needs.