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How it Works

The DVRF helps by providing loans with no fee or interest to qualified beneficiaries.

  1. A woman leaving an abusive relationship applies to join a housing co-op.
  2. Once accepted both the new member and the co-op fill out the application and submit it to the DVRF.
  3. The application is reviewed for eligibility and completeness. If the new member qualifies for a loan, contracts are prepared and mailed to the co-op. The loan is a three-party agreement between the new member, the co-op and the land trust.
  4. When signed contracts are received by the Trust, a cheque is sent directly to the co-op on behalf of the member.
  5. All loans are interest-free and repayable within five years. After a one year grace period, the member makes small monthly repayments to the co-op who submits a cheque to the DVRF annually on the member’s behalf. The current loan maximum is $2000, and eligible applicants may apply to the Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance for an additional loan.