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Here are a couple of answers to frequently asked questions about our Group Buying Program.

Can CHF BC’s suppliers manage large projects?

Yes, we can.

  • We have managed many large flooring, bathroom and cabinet projects in large co-ops.
  • Our maintenance and hardware program has completed two large fencing projects on Vancouver Island. In addition, Trail Appliances has provided appliances in large co-ops such as First Avenue Athletes Village, and will provide appliances to new development sites.
  • Danube Kitchens has installed quartz countertops and cabinets in large installation projects like at La Petite Maison.
  • CD Contract successfully completed a large flooring installation project in Burnaby and received excellenet feedback from the co-op. No matter how large a project, CHF BC’s flooring program has you covered.

Does our co-op have to collect three quotes as per CMHC and BC Housing requirements?

Because we research and identify the best options when we choose partners, co-ops using CHF BC Group Buying partners are exempt from CMHC and BC Housing three quote bid requirements.

Relax,  we’ve already done the work for you!