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Incorporation is a provincial matter (unless your co-op operates across provincial borders like CHF Canada). In BC, housing co-ops are incorporated under the framework provided by the Cooperative Association Act.

  1. Reserve your co-op’s name (if you haven’t already).
  2. Confirm non-profit vs equity model.
  3. Create a Memorandum of Association appropriate to your co-op type.
  4. Prepare List of First Directors (with contact information) and Notice of Registered Office.
  5. File incorporation documents with BC Registry Services. Remember to:
    1. Sign and witness documents
    2. Include appropriate fees

Always check BC Registry Services for the most up-to-date instructions and forms. We have some sample Memoranda of Association for equity housing co-ops and for non-profit housing co-ops. CHF BC offers Model Rules for its members, which may be used of co-ops of either type. (The standard co-op rules referenced in the Act are not suitable for housing co-ops.)

Photo credit: “Totem Before Legislature” by Stewart Butterfield by CC BY 2.0. Original image was cropped and toned with text added.