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John Bathurst

Greetings from Misty Ridge where my family has lived since its inception in 1987.

I am a retired businessperson with a background in construction, restaurant ownership and sales. I am a dyed in the wool co-oper’, which may have started for me as I watched my mother-in-law, Shirley Schmid ‘s passion for building thousands of co-op units in the early 1980’s.

My wife and I have raised our family here and played an ongoing role in the stewardship of our community.  To say I am passionate about co-op housing is an understatement!

Here at Misty Ridge we have just completed a major upgrade to our facilities, including exterior cladding, re-piping, bathroom upgrades and new flooring.  It’s been my pleasure to lend my expertise to this project and learn a lot experiencing the customer’s side of the table.

As my tenure on our BOD expires in January 2021 and, as yet, I have not engaged with the larger co-op movement, I feel it’s time to learn more about the current movement and offer my experience.

I have served on many other boards including, ski patrol, Burnaby Winter Club, Barnet Sailing co-op, as well as Parks and Rec Commission and City Council in Port Alberni.

I believe co-op housing will play an important role in the future of not only our province, but as a means of housing folks at a global level.

Your vote for me will be handled with humility, respect and thoughtfulness.