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Judy Young

Hello, my name is Judy Young, and I’ve lived in BC for 33 years after moving from the Prairies with my children in the late 80s.

I love it here. I moved into my first co-op in 1997, and I’m now living in my third co-op, Common Ground Co-op, here in South Surrey in Ocean Park. I’m 2 blocks from the ocean with lots of wonderful people living here, lots of parks and walking trails, unique coffee shops and restaurants just to name a few of the attributes of Ocean Park. Am I bragging?

I’m a big believer in where you were born helps to shape who you become. I’m grateful I was raised, and lived, on the prairies for 40 years. I know “Winterpeg”, but, quite frankly, I’m colder here in the winter than Manitoba. I’m blessed with wonderful memories of my time in Manitoba. I have two children and five grandchildren. They’re spread out all over the place from the Island to Ontario. Thank God for technology.

My work background is both in the health industry and business having owned my own business in Manitoba. I remained in business when I moved to BC, and ended up as an Executive Assistant in finance for many years. I have over 50 years of customer service both on a business and a retail level.

I firmly believe in giving back, so to that end, I have volunteered all my life in various ways. I think my most memorable volunteer positions were Victim’s Assistance at the Burnaby RCMP detachment and the Crisis Line in Port Moody. Helping people come to terms with trauma, and being there when they need somebody to talk to, was extremely rewarding. I’ve served on several boards, again, in business and in the entertainment arena. I’ve served on many varied committees in the co-ops I’ve lived in, the board, grounds committee, membership, common room, and currently, I’m chair of the pet committee. We have lots of furry friends here in our co-op.

A promise I made to myself years ago was to never stop learning. We can learn so much from each other. Another thing I believe in is that collaboration and communication is number one in getting positive things accomplished. We can all do so many incredible things in our life. It’s really important to me to continue being part of making a difference for as long as I can. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have some because of my life experience.

Thank you so much and I hope that I have the opportunity to serve with my fellow members on the CHF BC board.