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Lindsey Murphy

Lindsey Murphy is a Co-op Services Coordinator with CHF BC where she provides member co-ops with advice, guidance, and resources on co-op related matters. Lindsey brings many different perspectives with her to her work with CHF BC. As a member in a housing co-op herself and former housing co-op manager, she understands the co-op experience, many benefits, and challenges that members and boards face.

As an advocate for affordable, non-profit housing Lindsey has served on boards and committees committed to implementing creative and sustainable solutions to the affordable housing shortage at the federal level while organizing grassroots advocacy locally. Lindsey is a strong believer in mutual aid and co-operation between individuals and organizations to build resilient communities that come together during times of difficulty.

Lindsey will be the moderator for Fireside chat: STOP! at the 2024 Island Education Day.