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Member Feedback

CHF BC began testing its meeting support services in May 2020 before formally launching the program in July. We have had a chance to work with various co-ops, helping with general meetings, info sessions, annual general meetings and more.

We always seek feedback about the platforms we use and how members regard the meetings as a whole. Nine in ten members recently rated the Zoom platform as either excellent or very good, and 19 in 20 gave a very favourable rating (“excellent” or “very good”) to their meeting with CHF BC participation.

“CHF did a great job with this meeting.”

“The facilitation, technical support and behind the scenes assistance were excellent.”

“We were so pleased with the way CHF BC handled our budget meeting online that we’d like to get on the calendar again for a GM in October and our AGM in December”

If you have used our service and have suggestions or comments, please write to