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Waste Connections

Waste Connections is CHF BC's group-buying partner for waste services in the Lower Mainland. You may also know the company by its previous name, Progressive Waste Solutions.

CHF BC renewed another three-year contract  with Waste Connections of Canada in 2020. The contract promises continued reduced rates and the popular organics recycling program. This program transformed the co-op housing sector’s waste and recycling into one of the most successful organics recyclers in Metro Vancouver.

Waste Connections continued to promise quality service to all scheduled customers within the agreed time frame, and at competitive prices. They also offers recycling pick-up, temporary roll-off bins and extra pick-ups at your request.

Additionally, they contribute $3,500 each year to CHF BC’s Scholarship Program. This generous support helps deserving students from co-ops pursue post-secondary education. They also financially supports member events and donate prizes for co-op members throughout the year.