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“What protections do I have as a co-op member?”

Renters face challenges like rental increases, the threat of renovictions, landlords wanting to move back to homes they own, and limited powers to affect the rules they live under.

Members of housing co-ops have more protections (more “security of tenure”).

  • Housing charges may still increase every year (like rents do for most renters), but co-op members usually have a say in those increases.
  • If members follow the co-op Rules and policies, they can stay as long as they like without worrying about the landlord. (This is true for as long as the co-op controls the land.)
  • If your income is temporarily or permanently too low to afford the housing charges, many co-ops offer financial support (often with government help).
  • Laws that protect human rights apply to co-op members just like they apply to other kinds of housing.