Annual General Meeting OVERVIEW

The business and timing of the AGM is set out in the Cooperative Association Act and in your Rules – check Rules 14.1, 14.2 & 14.3.

The required business is:

  • the auditor’s report and presentation of the year-end financial statements
  • appointment of the auditor
  • report from the Directors (and committees, depending on your Rules)
  • a board election

Be cautious about placing a lot of other business on your AGM agenda. In most cases, the required business is enough to fill the evening and leave some time for members to socialize.

The AGM notice of meeting is an official document.  The notice must set out the general nature of the business to be considered. Your co-op Rules set out when and how to issue an AGM notice see ‘Notice and notice periods‘.  Here is a sample AGM notice.

Keep the notice of meeting separate from the agenda see ‘Agendas‘. The agenda can follow the notice and be included in the AGM package. See sample AGM agenda. Committee reports sometimes take up a lot of agenda time. You will find some options in the AGM Agenda Key to better manage this.

The audited financial statements must be provided to members in advance of the meeting. It is helpful to include the statements in the AGM package, which should be distributed at least 3 to 5 days before the AGM to give members adequate time to review the information.

Electing directors is the members’ most important job, and the work needed to hold elections that give members a real choice begins well before the AGM.

Check out the Election toolkit online. It provides tools for the recruitment of new directors, lists the materials you will need for the election, and provides samples.

Make sure your AGM minutes accurately reflect what happened at the meeting including your election process and results, see Minutes. Here is a sample set of AGM minutes.

Following your AGM, submit your annual report to the Registrar and update your co-op’s Register of Directors. Our Guide to the Co-op Act section 9.5 deals with ‘Filing and the Registrar’s Office’.

You can download a PDF file of this Annual General Meeting OVERVIEW here.