Athletes Village Housing Co-op holds first AGM

  9 April 2012

Fifty-seven adults, at least five children, and one curious dog filled the lobby of the Athletes Village Housing Co-op on Thursday evening, April 4.  The grand occasion was the co-op’s first annual general meeting.And what a meeting it was.  Catherine Porter, founding president of the co-op and president of CHF BC, walked the members through the highlights of the co-op’s history from the closing of the 2010 Winter Olympics to full occupancy on February 1, 2012.  Vancouver’s newest housing co-op is a beautiful 5-story apartment building on West 1st Avenue at the southwest corner of the Village on False Creek.The co-op is a partnership between the resident members, the City of Vancouver and CHF BC.  CHF BC’s executive committee (Porter, Dianne Brubaker, Alana van Dam, and Lisa Berting) served as the founding board from the co-op’s March 8, 2011 incorporation until Thursday’s meeting.  The first AGM elected four resident members to a new board: Tony Doman, Herb Bentz, Leeanne Ekland and Yuri Artibise.  Catherine Porter and Darren Kitchen will join them as CHF BC-appointed directors.“This co-op has a very bright future,” says Thom Armstrong, CHF BC’s executive director.  “Its members are full of hope and enthusiasm, and they are determined to succeed both as a business and as a co-op community.  We wish them all the best in the years to come.”