CHF BC’s second virtual AGM was a success

  27 November 2021

CHF BC held its 39th annual AGM on November 21, 2021. The two-hour meeting attracted over 100 participants, including 55 delegates, to our virtual platform.

President Suzann Zimmering presented the board report reviewing the achievements of CHF BC’s group of social enterprises over the past year. During her remarks, Suzann outlined three strategic priorities for the near future, including inspiring housing co-ops to be communities that embody a sense of belonging for everyone; modeling and promoting best practices in social, economic and environmental vitality; and, continuing to champion the expansion of the co-op housing movement and increase the availability of co-op homes in communities across BC.

Treasurer Yuri Artibise presented the financial reports, noting our second consecutive year with no member due increases, due in part to continuing strong member economic participation in our members services and group buying programs.

Stay tuned for more information on CHF BC’s 2021 activities and performance in our upcoming A Stronger Place for Community: A  Year-in-Review publication which will be shared in early December.

Diana Day, Lead Matriarch of the Pacific Association of First Nations Women

The highlight of the meeting was an impassioned presentation by Diana Day, Lead Matriarch of the Pacific Association of First Nations Women, and member of Kaslo Gardens Housing Cooperative.  Her remarks provided concrete paths towards the very complex challenge of reconciliation and decolonization that we will continue to face together. A video of  her presentation is being compiled and will be shared with members in the coming week.

Tim Ross, Executive Director of CHF Canada presented an update of the national federation’s activities, including plans for an in-person 2022 AGM in Halifax between June 16-18 And no AGM would be complete without prize draws!  This year, our group buying partner continued their generous support of CHF BC and provided several exciting gifts for lucky attendees.

Special thanks to the staff and directors of CHF BC for making the event a welcoming experiences for members and guests.