City of Vancouver Lease Agreements – First Conversations with Co-ops

  10 July 2015

For the last week of June, CHF BC arranged a pair of meetings for some of the 50 housing co-ops holding leases with the City of Vancouver. These meetings were focused on the concerns of co-ops with short-term leases and those with ground rent leases.

Turnout was excellent with 20 of 21 co-ops sending representatives, along with management companies and other interested parties. The majority of co-ops at the meetings have short term (40 or 41 year) leases, but three ground-rent lease co-ops were also involved.

  • Access
  • Amicae
  • Cedar Mill
  • Creekview
  • Dunbar Village (ground rent co-op)
  • Eight Oaks
  • Four Sisters
  • Grace MacInnis
  • Helen’s Court
  • Heritage
  • La Petite Maison (ground rent co-op)
  • Maple Creek/CANA
  • Marina
  • Marpole Terrace
  • Northern Way
  • Pacific Heights
  • Penta (ground rent co-op)
  • Rising Star
  • Vera

The Federation’s goal was to start a discussion, hear from members, and talk about a possible role for CHF BC in negotiating solutions with the City.

Members had the chance to share their common challenges. They supported information sharing, meeting again, and looked forward to working collectively with CHF BC. .

We hope to have a follow up meeting in September.