We are Hiring! Co-op Office Staff

  1 June 2023

Do you:

  • Have advanced office management skills
  • Understand the basics of co-op governance and management
  • Have a passion for learning?
  • Want a rewarding career?

Living in a co-op has many advantages including a sense of community and have a safe place to call home, but did you know that it may also point you towards have a rewarding career?

The Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC) serves the interests of BC’s co-ops, and employs over 140 staff including bookkeepers, maintenance coordinators and handymen and co-op office administrators.

Many of our staff live in housing co-operatives and through their commitment to continuous learning have benefited from living in a great community and working for the organization whose mission and vision is to support thriving co-operative housing communities, like yours, across the province.

We are currently hiring full time administrative and governance support positions for summer vacation relief and also for permanent placements at co-op offices around the Lower Mainland.

Starting with your previous administrative, financial management and multi-tasking skills, we will layer on extensive training in co-operative governance, legal and management reporting, and operations protocols using platform technology that is leading edge in the non-profit housing industry.

Your winning personality together with your professionalism, integrity and your ability to accommodate a variety of styles when interacting with members, volunteers, supplies and other staff will be the key to your success in this role.

Apply Now

If you would like to leverage your knowledge and experience living in a co-op towards a rewarding career in the co-op sector, please submit your cover letter and resume to hr@chf.bc.ca

Who are we?

The Co-operative Housing Federation of BC is a membership association representing over 253 housing co-operatives and their almost 15,000 member households. We are the hub for everything related to housing co-operatives in British Columbia. We are dedicated to developing tools and resources and making them accessible to every housing co-operative so that they can strengthen their communities.

COHO (CO-operative HOusing) is CHF BC’s non-profit management company specializing in the professional management of housing co-operatives. Over 40% of the housing co-operatives in the Metro Vancouver areas use our services.

Unifor Local 3000 | Canada

We offer a competitive compensation package, are a Living Wage Employer and our staff are represented by UNIFOR Local 3000.