Housing Co-ops Featured in CBC Article on Cost of Living

  8 March 2022

An East Vancouver and a Burnaby co-op members were featured in a CBC News web story on March 7, 2022. The story is part of CBC’s Priced Out series.

The article (embedded below) profiles members of each co-op—including CHF BC director John Bathurst—and includes commentary from CHF BC CEO Thom Armstrong:

Governments have to decide if they’re willing to allow housing to continue to be an asset class in someone’s investment portfolio or if they’re interested in creating market conditions in which housing can just simply be a home for someone.

And if the answer is: ‘no, housing is an equity investment and we’re going to continue to treat it that way,’ then we’re condemning a whole generation of people to living in unsuitable or unaffordable housing, or not being able to find a home at all.

– Thom Armstrong, CEO, CHF BC

It also includes a interactive chart showing the average co-op share purchase prices, average monthly co-op housing charges and average monthly rent by dwelling type in the City of Vancouver.

If images and data tables do not appear in the embedded article, you can read the story here.

Part of this story appear on a CBC TV News at 6 segment on March 8, 2022. The 3 minute segment starts at 13m30s. (Video will start after brief advertisements)

This planet’s in trouble. And part of the attitude that has us in trouble is this whole thing that … ‘somehow or another I’m going to cash out with … a huge amount of money.’ Like, why? We can’t sustain ourselves as a race unless we [look at] the way we do business.

– John Bathurst, co-op member