Held over Zoom or on site at your co-op, making it easier for your members to attend and learn. The ‘core’ portable workshops include our most popular offerings and focus on key areas of interest to co-ops: governance, management, thinking about the future and community building.

Core: Governance

The heart of our core portable workshops are those related to governance.

  1. Co-op housing basics (2 hours)
  2. What makes a good director (3 hours)
  3. What makes a good board (3 hours)
  4. Board of directors (6 hours)
  5. Leadership that earns involvement (3 hours)
  6. Policies that work (3 hours)
  7. Effective committees (3 hours)
  8. Effective meetings (3 hours)

Core: Management

Good governance and sound management go hand in hand. If your co-op has had recent refresher on governance matters, some management education might be an idea.

  1. Maintenance 101 (3 hours) or (4 hours for ‘Portable Plus’)
  2. Getting financial management right (3 hours)
  3. Ten Things to Look for in your co-op’s financial statements (3 hours)
  4. Privacy information primer for co-ops (3 hours)

Core: Planning

We offer several workshops to help your co-op community with thinking about the future – looking at mission, education and its changing relationship with government.

  1. Educating your co-op (3 hours) or (4 hours for ‘Portable Plus’)
  2. End of operating agreements (2 hours)
  3. Tackling the years ahead (3 hours)

(Note the Co-op Compass facilitated process is also available.)

Core: Community

These workshops are focused on members and strengthening your co-op community.

  1. Aging in our co-op communities (3 hours)
  2. Create a member orientation package (3 hours)
  3. Dealing with disputes (3 hours)
  4. Engaging co-op members (3 hours)
  5. From outsider to insider: getting new members off to a great start (3 hours)
  6. Interviewing and member selection (3 hours)