Climate Action Provincial Assembly

West Coast Climate Action Network      15 Apr 2023      Online event      Partner/affiliate event

The CAPA is an opportunity for climate advocates and activists in B.C. to share our campaigns and cooperate together to make them stronger.

Craving connection with fellow climate activists across so-called B.C.? Want a sense of momentum and cohesion in our movement?

West Coast Climate Action Network (WE-CAN)’s 4th Climate Action Provincial Assembly (CAPA) will be an opportunity to meet fellow climate activists and members of climate groups, learn about current campaigns, and work together to make our campaigns stronger and more effective. We hope the CAPA will provide the hope and connection that is so needed in this moment, and the practical space to coordinate and scheme for what’s next.


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Climate Action Breakout Groups

The event will include a quick State of the Movement analysis, followed by two rounds of breakout groups on current campaigns and initiatives in BC’s Climate Movement. You will have the chance to join two such groups, where you will get an update on the current campaigns, and seek ways for groups to work together, so that we can become more effective in or work.

The breakout groups will cover these campaigning areas:

  • Protecting Old Growth Forests
  • Frack Free BC
  • Stopping Liquefied Fossil Gas
  • Getting Gas out of New Buildings
  • Reducing the Price of Heat Pumps
  • Stopping RBC/Fossil Fuel Finance
  • Stopping TMX
  • Transportation
  • Food and Farming
  • The BC Climate Emergency Campaign
  • The Youth Climate Corps Campaign
  • Labour Climate Organizing
  • Climate Organizing within the BC NDP
  • Climate Organizing within the BC Green Party

Accessibility and Additional Information

This event will be on Zoom – technical support available if needed.

Automated closed captions will be available.

The event will be recorded and posted to WE-CAN’s YouTube channel. Breakout groups will not be recorded. You are welcome to keep your camera and/or microphone off while in the main session if you do not want to be recorded.


The participants and hosts of this event liver on the many ancestral territories and homelands of Indigenous peoples in what is colonially known as British Columbia. We encourage participants to research the territories on which they live, and to recognize the inextricable connection of Indigenous sovereignty to climate action.