Co-op Housing Solutions for Youth Aging Out of Goverment Care

CHF BC      3 Oct 2023      CHF BC offices, 220 - 1621 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, B.C.      CHF BC event

6:30 – 8:30 p.m. PDT | 1651 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC.

We know that housing co-op communities can be an excellent option but, to date, these homes have not been accessible to young adults aging out of government care for a variety of reasons. Join us to discuss the perspectives from both the transitioning youth and housing co-ops.

CHF BC would like to invite you to attend an information session and focus group on October 3 at our offices at 1651 Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

Our newest partnership with TRRUST (Transition in Resources, Relationships and Understanding Support Together), will support and facilitate a connection between housing co-ops and youth aging out of government care. At the age of 19, these young adults are seeking stability and a safe community. This is especially important since their lived experience to date has often been through a series of foster homes.

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Will you join us in this discussion?


Your insight will assist in the design of the project.

All housing co-op members residing in co-ops that have expressed an interest in the project are invited to attend. The purpose of the session is primarily for information gathering. 

The focus group will be hosted by Michelle Cooper-Iversen, Chief Operating Officer at CHF BC and Erica Mark, TRRUST Project Manager. Join for us for dinner and an engaging discussion. While preference is for in-person, we will be able to host members who prefer to attend virtually.

Vancouver Island members interested in attending in person will receive an expense reimbursement of up to $500 for travel and an overnight stay. We encourage members to carpool if possible.