Introducing Indigenous Awareness for Co-op Leaders

Co-operatives First      19 Jun 2023      Online event      Partner/affiliate event

10 a.m. PDT | Online

Join Co-operatives First for the launch of a new online course. This event will also feature a talk by course instructors John Lagimodiere and Winston McLean on Being an Ally.

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Being An Ally

What can we do to be an ally in the workplace, the boardroom, and our co-ops? John Lagimodiere and Winston McLean will discuss how to help lift everyone up and help them prosper. They’ll share some history that all Canadians should know and some practical tips you can implement to help create a safe, inclusive workplace.

John and Winston are leaders in Indigenous economic development, land negotiations, and educating business leaders. Together, they have more than 50 years of experience educating the public about Indigenous peoples’ history, concerns, and rights and advancing reconciliation.