Rising Star Housing Co-operative

1556 E 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5N 1L7
33-unit housing complex located at 5th and Commercial Drive, three blocks from the Skytrain and many amenities of the Drive. Close to schools. (Some three-bedroom units have a basement.)

Rising Star Housing Co-operative has opened our waitlist until December 1, 2023 for accessible 2-bedrooom and 3-bedroom townhouse units. 

Preference will be given to households with financial need who qualify for subsidy based on a maximum household income of $63,504 for the accessible 2-bedroom, and $81,216 for the 3-bedroom.

The waiting list remains CLOSED for all one-bedroom and non-accessible 2-bedroom units.

For more information please visit this link.

Unit Type # of Units Unit Type Open Average Share Purchase Average Housing Charge*
1-Bed 10 Apartment No $1500 $968
2-Bed 1 Apartment No $2000 $1127
2-Bed 6 Apartment No $2000 $1223
2-Bed 7 Townhome Yes $2000 $1291
3-Bed 1 Apartment No $2500 $1405
3-Bed 2 Apartment No $2500 $1484
3-Bed 6 Townhome Yes $2500 $1564