Halston Hills Housing Co-operative

8868 Horne St, Burnaby, BC V3N 4T1

Welcome to our Co-op!

Halston Hills Housing Co-op is a 90-unit housing co-operative built in 1985. Our co-op resembles a small community in that we know and interact with our neighbors and we work together to take care of our community and keep it safe and secure. Our membership is diverse and inclusive. We welcome members from a variety of social, cultural and economic backgrounds and we house singles, seniors and families with children.

We are committed to maintaining a secure and affordable living environment for a diverse, involved, co-operative community.

Not accepting applications.
Unit Type # of Units Max Area Average Share Purchase Average Housing Charge*
1 Bedroom 14 $1500 $797
2 Bedroom 8 $1500 $950
2 Bedroom 26 $1500 $1103
3 Bedroom 34 $1500 $1185
4 Bedroom 8 $1500 $1330