Greenland Housing Co-operative

12055 Greenland Dr, Richmond, BC V6V 2E2

Participation is mandatory. Pets are permitted (1 cat or 1 dog).

Greenland Housing Co-op is no longer accepting applications and the waitlist is currently closed.

In order to qualify for housing charge subsidy, applicants applying need to have a gross household income below: $32,400 for two-bedroom unit; $37,200 for three-bedroom unit and $39,000 for four-bedroom unit.

Applicants should be willing to participate in the co-op and volunteer time in co-op committees. Application forms are available at the co-op website or email the co-op at This is a non-smoking co-op.

Unit Type # of Units Unit Type Open Average Share Purchase Average Housing Charge*
2-Bed 2 Apartment No $1500 $999
2-Bed 16 Townhome No $1500 $999
3-Bed 36 Townhome No $2000 $1133
4-Bed 8 Townhome No $2500 $1205