DeCosmos Village Housing Co-operative

6678 Cheam Place, Vancouver, BC V5S 1N1

DeCosmos Village is a housing co-operative located on the northwest corner of Boundary Road and 49th Avenue in Vancouver. It was built in 1972 and has 110 townhouse units of which there are 30 two bedrooms, 75 three bedrooms and 5 four bedroom units. There are NO one bedroom units and NO handicapped access units. To get an application, you must attend an orientation session. Currently, there are no orientations planned.

Units are not owned by the member but by the whole co-operative. As with all housing co-operatives, the ownership is in the form of shares that must be purchased in order to become a member. The cost of shares is dependent upon the size of the unit (see below for our share prices).

DeCosmos Village Housing Co-operative functions under the Co-operative Association Act of BC (current to 2020). Our co-op is governed by the Rules and Occupancy Agreement of DeCosmos Village Housing Co-operative which are approved and filed with the Registrar of Companies. This Act and the Rules and Occupancy Agreement determine how we conduct our business and function as a co-operative.

The Board of Directors along with its advisory committees are made up of members from our co-op. These members meet on a regular basis to govern the co-op, make long-term plans, beautify, maintain the co-op and resolve problems on a timely basis. 

Our members make every effort to ensure this is a great place to live. The buildings are well maintained. The grounds and greenery are well cared for. The membership is well informed and knowledgeable. How do we achieve this? Through membership participation! This participation is generally not the physical kind but the planning kind. We expect our members and associate members to be on at least one committee and attend our general meetings of which there are at least two a year. Our aim is to maintain the quality of the co-op.


Currently, we are no longer accepting applications and there are no orientations planned.

There is no subsidy available at this time.


Unit Type # of Units Unit Type Open Average Share Purchase Average Housing Charge*
2-Bed 30 Townhome No $3800 $852
3-Bed 75 Townhome Yes $4000 $985
4-Bed 5 Townhome No $4200 $1136