Fraserview Housing Co-operative

2833 East Kent Avenue North, Vancouver, BC
Fraserview is a multi-building, multi-site housing co-operative. It includes two high-rise apartment towers, 36 townhomes and a 54-home low-rise apartment building. Many units have views of the Fraser River. The co-op features a beautiful setting near parks and recreation trails, just west of the River District.

The co-op will be the largest in BC. The first phase, Fraserview Riverside, is open to new members now. The second phase, Fraserview Towers, opens in 2019.
Fraserview Riverside is looking for potential members and has a presentation centre open Mondays-Thursdays (2 - 6 pm) and Saturdays and Sundays (noon to 4 pm) starting June 30. Fraserview Towers is not yet complete and is not looking for members until late 2018. Check the CHF BC, Community Land Trust ( and Fraserview websites for updates.

If you have questions about applying to Fraserview, please contact TRG (The Residential Group Realty) at 604-629-6100. (Be sure to mention that you're calling about Fraserview.)
Unit Type # of Units Max Area Average Share Purchase Average Housing Charge*
1 Bedroom 128
2 Bedroom 81
2 Bedroom 4 $3000
3 Bedroom 32 $3500
3 Bedroom 33