Recruiting New CHF BC Chairpeople

  7 December 2022




CHF BC has provided meeting chair services to its member organizations for over 25 years. This involves connecting skilled chairpeople with housing co-operatives to conduct meetings in accordance with their Rules and the Cooperative Association Act.

These services were mainly delivered in person until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, when we introduced remote chairing (via Zoom) and other virtual meeting support services.


Current Service


We  now provide comprehensive meeting chairperson services for in-person, virtual and forms of hybrid meetings. Many of our members have discovered the benefits of using an external chairperson, and consequently this service is becoming more popular.


As of April 30, 2022 we have supported 117 co-ops and out of all the virtual meetings we support, 78% have been chaired by a CHF BC Chairperson.

To keep on providing the best value and quality services to member organizations, we are looking for experienced people to join our team of consultants who can offer chairing services.


Position Overview


  • Our chairing service is requested on an ad hoc basis, therefore we cannot promise how much work will be available.  
  • You do commit to be available to chair at least two meetings per month. Meetings are held in-person or entirely virtually (or hybrid). 
  • You are not obliged to accept chairing work that is offered to you. 
  • Payment is currently $110.00 per hour calculated by the time spent at the co-op (with a minimum of two hours).  
  • Approximately one hour (preparation meeting for virtual meetings) is required to prepare to chair a meeting. You will be compensated for this time. 
  • Travel expenses can be claimed with a mileage allowance of 0.61 cents per km or $15 (whichever is greater), or reimbursement for transit. Additional fees may be eligible. 
  • Professional development is part of the program and attendance will be required. CHF BC will provide adequate notice of any professional development training and will cover the costs of the training (in lieu of compensation for the consultant’s time). 
  • Quarterly consultant meetings for mentorship and program development are also part of the program and attendance is strongly encouraged. There is no compensation for time for these meetings. 


Learn more about our chairperson recruitment opportunity. [PDF]




  1. Experience chairing meetings (at housing co-ops or other non-profit boards preferred). 
  2. Knowledge of CHF BC: our programs and services.
  3. Experience using (CHF BC’s) rules of order.  
  4. A good understanding of the legal framework that affects housing co-ops, particularly the Cooperative Association Act. 
  5. A basic knowledge of the Model Rules, both 1.0 and 2.0 and willingness to learn. 
  6. Experience managing or resolving conflict is an asset. 


Learn how to apply for a chairperson position. [PDF]


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Deadline to apply is Friday, January 6, 2023.