June is National Indigenous History Month

  1 June 2023

June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada. It’s a time to honour the stories, achievements and resilience of Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Peoples who have lived on this land since time immemorial and their presence continues to impact the evolving Canada.

This month invites Indigenous Peoples to celebrate their history in the spirit of pride and preservation. For non-Indigenous Canadians, it is an opportunity to learn and show recognition of the central role Indigenous Peoples must play in shaping our society.

Our Journey

At CHF BC, we are on a journey that begins with being open to unlearning. Both within our organization and in our work with members, CHF BC is committed to Indigenous truth, reconciliation and decolonization. This means challenging our belief and narratives, and inviting more accountability in our work. Our work will necessarily be built on a commitment to learning and action based on justice, respect, and equality.

As we’ve engaged with our members we recognize that we have a long way to go. Many co-op members have been impacted by the colonial practices embedded in their housing co-ops’ culture. CHF BC is committed to honouring these lived experiences. We aim to lead by example and support housing co-ops to create more inclusive communities.

We encourage all our members to use this month as an opportunity to renew our collective commitment to these important principles.


For many people. learning about reconciliation and decolonization can be a difficult and personal process. It can often be difficult to know where to start. While we are all in different places in our journeys a good place to start is by reading, watching, and learning. Here is a list of resource to get you started.

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