Rescheduled City Lease Town Halls

  22 June 2021

CHF BC can now confirm that Vancouver City Council plans to hear a report from staff on housing co-op lease renewals on July 7. The staff report will be released to the public on June 30, 2021.

CHF BC will be holding two town halls for members to prepare for the Council meeting. Both meetings will begin at 6 p.m.

  • The first, on Wednesday, June 30, will focus on the just-released Council report. Together, we will review the report’s recommendations and analysis to understand what Council is being asked to adopt and identify challenges and opportunities the staff recommendations may present for leasehold co-ops.
  • The second, on Monday, July 5, will feature a more detailed analysis, including a review of alternatives or amendments that might be advanced by CHF BC or others. We will also discuss strategies for approaching councillors, the mayor’s office and media to increase the odds of a positive outcome on July 7.

Please register HERE for the June 30 town hall.

Please register HERE for the July 5 town hall.

We look forward to engaging with you in this important phase of the process.