Let’s Talk Housing Podcast: Episode 1 Creating Affordable Housing

  25 January 2022

The team at BC Housing have created a podcast. Here’s a description of what it aims to achieve:

British Columbia is world-renowned for its natural beauty, diverse communities, and thriving culture. It’s also known for being in the grips of a housing affordability crisis decades in the making, which has been compounded by a poisoned drug crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. The Province has an ambitious plan to address the crisis through the largest investment in housing affordability in BC’s history. 

BC Housing doesn’t do this alone. To address the challenge, they’re working with hundreds of partners. In Let’s Talk Housing, a 12-episode podcast, you’ll get to hear from those delivering innovative and exciting affordable housing solutions. 

Episode 1

The first episode features our CEO, Thom Armstrong, and there other guests. Each person represents organizations in B.C.’s community housing industry. They all work together to deliver affordable homes to families and individuals:

  • Shayne Ramsay, CEO, BC Housing – @Shayne_Ramsay
  • Margaret Pfoh, CEO, Aboriginal Housing Management Association – @MPfoh 
  • Jill Atkey, CEO, BC Non-Profit Housing Association – @jfatkey
  • Thom Armstrong, CEO, Co-operative Housing Federation – @thomjarmstrong

They discuss how the rise in housing prices is impacting renters, a need for an Indigenous housing strategy and how B.C.’s approach to affordable housing is a model that other cities and countries around the world are watching.

Let’s Talk Housing is available on Spotify and all other major podcast streaming platforms.