Meet Michael – CHF BC’s Co-op Viability Advisor

  3 July 2012

CHF BC is pleased to introduce Michael Rodgers, CHF BC’s Co-op Viability Advisor.Michael will provide support to help CHF BC’s member housing co-ops prepare for life after government operating agreements expire. He will assist co-ops with planning and achieving the goals of the 2020 Vision program, and help them find options to secure their long-term future.With a broad-based background that includes degrees in law and some recent experience helping a leaky co-op tackle its building envelope issues, Michael comes well prepared to assist housing co-ops as they prepare for the future.“Co-ops face change and challenges – especially over the next few years – but there will also be new opportunities,” says Michael. “I look forward to working with co-ops and other staff members at CHF BC to help strengthen our member housing co-ops.”To learn how Michael can help your co-op, contact him at or 604-879-5111 (1-866-879-5111) ext. 153.