New R

  3 July 2016

New Funds for Building ProjectsCMHC has announced a new renovation and retrofit program, “Reno/Retro 2016 For Existing Social Housing Administered by CMHC”. Potentially eligible co-ops will receive a letter from CMHC this week (depending on Canada Post) or hear about the program in the news. Here are some key points:The program is only to co-ops with current agreements with CMHC. Co-ops with expired agreements, or co-ops with Homes BC agreements do not qualify.The total amount available for co-ops and non-profits is only $77.6 million. Competition will be fierce.Applications will be evaluated according to need and will target building envelope work, mechanical/electrical/ventilation systems, energy efficiency improvements and health and safety needs. Co-ops with recent engineering assessments that call for work in the near future are best positioned to move ahead with an application.Applications are due August 2, 2016, and work must be ready to proceed within three (3) months of approval. (Projects must be completed with final invoices for payment sent to CMHC by March 31, 2018.)Visit for more information.CHF BC is ready to assist your co-op with an applicationIf your co-op would like CHF BC to prepare and submit an application, please contact us on or before July 15, 2016. We can help:Collect necessary information and review your co-op’s eligibilityComplete and submit an application form to CMHCProvide project management, if successful, by:Assisting with commitment and contribution agreementsProviding design and tender servicesProviding construction and contract administrationFee for services is $500, payable in advance. If your application is successful and you choose CHF BC as your project manager, the fee is refundable.  Please contact Patrick O’Brien ( at 604-343-2357.