November 26 By-election in Victoria

  20 November 2012

As you know, the Prime Minister has called a by-election in the federal riding of Victoria to replace retiring MP Denise Savoie (NDP).  The by-election will be held on Monday, November 26.We’re writing to remind you how important it is to vote for a candidate who will support housing co-ops and work effectively with the co-operative housing sector to achieve our goals now and in the future.Today, nearly 200,000 Canadian households depend on assistance from the federal government to pay their rents.  This assistance is delivered through operating agreements with housing co‑ops and other non-profit and public housing providers developed under federal housing programs in the 1970s and 1980s.  Some of these agreements have already ended and we are quickly approaching the day in 2020 when most of them will end.What can the federal government do?1.      Guarantee that existing federal funding for housing assistance will be maintained when operating agreements expire.2.      Develop a long-term plan to share in the cost of provincially-delivered rent supplement programs so that low-income households in co-op and non-profit housing are protected when federal operating agreements end.The time for studying this issue is long past.  Governments need to act.It is up to Canada’s governments—federal, provincial and municipal—to ensure that the legacy of affordable housing remains accessible for low-income Canadians.There are more than 500 co-op homes in the riding of Victoria.  In this week leading up to voting day, ask your candidates where they stand on these important questions and make your voice and your vote count.Here is a list of candidates running for election with links to their websites:Donald Galloway – Green Party of CanadaDale Gann – Conservative Party of CanadaMurray Rankin – New Democratic PartyPaul Summerville – Liberal Party of CanadaFor more information, contact Darren Kitchen at or 1-866-879-5111 (604-879-5111)ext. 144.