October 19 Vancouver Island Council Meeting along with Elections

  26 October 2016

Island members filled the room on October 19 for the Vancouver Island Council meeting in Victoria, networking with new and familiar faces, delegates and co-op members.Vancouver Island Directors Art Farquharson and Patty Shaw (CHF BC’s president), presented the board report and reviewed highlights from the federation.The directors also reviewed the upcoming AGM which will be held on Sunday, November 20, 2016, at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel. Registration is now open and you can find registration package online.Member Services Director, Kerry Panter, outlined CHF BC’s commercial services’ partnership with TELUS and our new Co-op Telecom Program. She underlined the program’s early success with already 78 co-ops now using the heavily discounted HD television, high-speed internet and home telephone services. Kerry advised delegates of upcoming events such as the Island Education Day on November 5, 2016, and announced Vancouver Island’s newest member, Alf Toone Co-op, that recently rejoined the Federation, bringing Island membership numbers to 34 co-ops,100% of the non-profit housing co-ops on the Island now belonging to CHF BC.During the meeting, the Vancouver Island Council members acclaimed Art Farquharson as Vancouver Island Director and Shannon Sangster as Island Council Chair and Avis Michalovsky as Island Council Vice-Chair.CHF Canada BC/Yukon Director Lisa Berting delivered the CHF Canada report. She spoke about the national You Hold the Key campaign and encouraged members to stay involved by participating in the ‘Voicing our vision’ campaign.Photo: Shannon Sangster (Tyee) Island Council Chair, Art Farquharson (Seawalk) Vancouver Island Director, Avis Michalovsky (Pioneer) Island Council Vice Chair.