EV Ready: Rebates for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

  7 January 2021

More and more people are looking at electric vehicles (EVs) for reduced environmental impact and other benefits. However, tt’s still a challenge to develop the infrastructure to support those vehicles. This is whaty the BC government iintroduced a short-term incentive program to help get you EV Ready.

In December 2020, the BC Government announced new rebates that go beyond those aimed at electric charging stations. These newest rebates are aimed at multi-unit residential buildings and both stratas and co-ops are included. (We’re thinking here about co-op buildings that have a shared parking structure, not those with individual garages or carports).

The program hopes to encourage widespread improvements to provide access to electric charging options to all units in a building. The EV Ready and EV Infrastructure program will cover up to half the costs of preparing your electrical systems to handle the demands of charging stations.

Program Features:

  • EV Ready plan rebate. A rebate of up to $3,000 for the creation of an EV Ready plan. This is a professional strategy for your building to make at least one parking space per residential unit EV Ready.
  • EV Ready infrastructure rebate. A rebate of up to $600 per parking space to install the electrical infrastructure required to implement your EV Ready plan, to a maximum of $80,000.
  • EV charger rebate. A rebate of up to *$3,400 per charger (regularly $1,400) to purchase and install Level 2 networked EV chargers to implement your building’s EV Ready plan, to a maximum of $14,000.
  • Total maximum rebate is $97,000
  • Eligible costs include charging station purchases*, labour and construction, electrical and other permits, parking and electrical design to accommodate the charging stations and conduit, EV parking signage and even some costs of network connection fees.

If your co-op could benefit, don’t delay!

The program’s current funding closes February 28, 2021 and there’s much to do to access the current round of funding. (There’s a chance that funding will be extended, but that is not guaranteed.) Even if you’re not in a position to make full benefit of the program, it’s a great opportunity to get you EV Ready Plan in place.

  • If your co-op is eligible, apply for pre-approval for the EV Ready plan support. (If feasible, also apply for preapproval for the infrastructure funding component. BC Hydro should honour pre-approvals even after the deadline IF there is funding for the 2021-2022 year available. You need the EV Ready plan to access the infrastructure benefits.)
  • The people at Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA) have prepared a Go Electric EV Ready checklist. Download it to help guide you through what’s necessary.
  • Visit the Go Electric website at https://goelectricbc.gov.bc.ca/ for an official program description and related incentives.
  • Visit Plug In BC to connect with a program advisor: https://pluginbc.ca/ev-advisor-service/

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* Note: Tesla Wall Connector chargers and Tesla Mobile Connector chargers are not eligible for rebates under this program.