Stephane Dion commits Liberals to green affordable housing investment plan

  9 December 2008

A busy morning, and one that began at an earlier hour than your correspondent is accustomed to. The phrase back in England is “up with the lark”, which just goes to show how often the English get out of bed before dawn. It was pitch black and every bird in Vancouver was fast asleep.
Still, it’s been a while since anyone with a fair chance of being our next PM stood in front of an audience and pledged to put federal money into affordable, and particularly co-op, housing, so it all seems worthwhile, even if I can’t stop yawning.
You can find our press release and CHF Canada’s on the main webpage, but the short version is that co-ops will be eligible (provided the Libs form the next government) for interest free mortgages of up to $10,000 per unit to perform environmentally beneficial upgrades to their buildings. In addition, to ensure that low-and-moderate income members