Is sustainability on your mind? There are a number of events happening this year in and around Earth Day, as well as things you can do to become more environmentally sustainable.


Here are some events happening this month. (Try to bike, walk, or take public transit!)

April 19

April 20

April 22

April 23

April 29

Take Action

Even small changes can have a big impact in the long run!

You can also take action to become more environmentally sustainable. Here are some activities and resources to get you started.

  • Join a shoreline or other clean up activity with an organization in your area
  • Help raise awareness (about repairability, the circular economy, recycling, composting, etc.)
  • Look for ways to reduce energy use and conserve water
  • Organize a planting of trees, shrubs, native plants, or wildflowers that can help support the local ecosystem
  • Host your own screening of an environmental film or documentary
  • Try to opt for reusable tableware and containers where possible
  • Get involved as a volunteer with a local environmental organization
  • Start a garden or agriculture project at your co-op
  • Buy / shop smart – consider a more sustainable option, something that can be more easily repaired, a longer lasting or better quality item, etc.
  • Learn more about environmentalism, with a focus on decolonization, inclusion, and justice