VIDEO: Grandview-Woodland Housing Co-operatives Gathering

  8 May 2023

CHF BC resumed its program of neighbourhood events on April 29, 2023 with a group of housing co-ops located in the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood of Vancouver. The housing co-ops in the area have a long and proud history of providing affordable and sustainable housing options.

Members from a number of housing co-ops from the neighbourhood had the chance to meet and discuss issues of common interest. They also visited several of the neighbourhood non-profit housing co-ops. The co-ops in this neighbourhood are made up of diverse members passionate about working together to create safe and welcoming housing.

The Grandview Woodland gathering and tour was a chance for CHF BC to build new relationships and partnerships that will benefit everyone. Thanks again to everyone who made the event possible and a success!

Stay tuned for more community gathering to come in other neighbourhoods. If you would like more information on how your neighbourhoocd could be a location for an upcoming tour, please email