Video: How Public Housing Unlocks Permanently Affordable Homes

  26 February 2024
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This insightful exploration of the housing crisis looks at why publicly owned non-market housing—aka community housing—is the best way to provide affordable homes for people in British Columbia. Featuring BC General Employees’ Union (BCGEU) Executive Vice-President Kari Michaels, the video explores the history of public housing and explains why it needs to be built up again in the midst of our housing crisis.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video for a deeper understanding of this important topic.

The Role of Public Housing in Addressing the Housing Crisis

Publicly owned non-market housing is the best way to deliver homes that meet the level of affordability that people in British Columbia need. Download a transcript of the video content.

Key Points

  • 😞 The housing crisis has led to soaring costs, making it tough for many to afford homes. This reveals the private sector’s inability to provide affordable housing.
  • 😊 Public housing plays a crucial role in promoting social good and ensuring fair housing access. A history of funding cuts have hindered non-market housing housing initiatives. This emphasizes the need for direct government funding.
  • 🏞️ Utilizing government-owned land for affordable housing development is essential. Current provincial commitments are falling short in addressing urgent housing needs.
  • 💡Solutions like vacancy control and land value capture are vital to ensure ongoing funding for affordable housing initiatives. The public recognizes the importance of these solutions, and supports then
  • 🏡 Prioritizing affordable housing as a human right in policy-making offers hope for a robust public housing program to effectively tackle the housing crisis.

Interested in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable housing future? Learn how to push for more public housing with BCGEU’s AffordableBC community organizing toolkit.