We’re Living Wage Employers!

  7 February 2017

CHF BC and COHO Management Services Society (COHO) are proud to announce that they are now certified as Living Wage Employers. General Manager for COHO and CHF BC Michelle Iversen said, “We believe that this certification supports our mission to unite, represent and serve our members in a thriving co-operative community.”A Living Wage Employer is an organization that provides a “living wage rate” to its employees that reflects the “true costs of living in a community and that parents can earn what they need to support their families.” As Living Wage Employers, we not only meet the requirements of providing a “living wage,” but we also strive to do business with other social enterprises wherever possible to help reduce poverty in our communities.Learn more about the Living Wage for Employees Campaign.Photo: Yuri Artibise (COHO president) and Thom Armstrong (CHF BC executive director).