Board of directors

Workshop Intro:

The board is responsible for making sure that the co-op is well managed. It sounds simple, but a co-op’s success or failure, as both a business and as a community, depends on it. Good directors are the cornerstone of good governance. This full-day workshop will equip you to be the best board and director you can be.


Workshop Type:

Workshop Duration:
5 Hrs


A good board understands:

  • what it needs to achieve for success
  • its legal obligation
  • its role - and the role of members, staff and committees - in governing and managing the co-op
  • how the governing documents guide co-op decision-making and action
  • how to hold effective board meetings
  • the most common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • what it will take to become a co-op with a sustainable future.

For directors, we'll explore:

  • how you can contribute to the results your board needs
  • working together as directors
  • directors' legal duties and how to be a principled leader.

This five hour workshop is available as two separate two and half hour workshops: "What makes a good director?" and "What makes a good board?"