Compassionate Communication

Workshop Intro:

This workshop will focus on learning and practicing highly effective skills in communication, community building, and dealing with conflict and sensitive conversations.

Join Alper on this in person workshop.

Workshop Date:

Workshop Location:
Westin Wall Centre, Richmond & Online

Workshop Type:

Alper Caglayan


We will highlight what doesn’t work in communication and we will learn a 4-step model in which we can navigate our conversations in an open, authentic and compassionate way.

• Introduction to Compassionate Communication.
• Levels of communication in our lives: personal, professional, internal communication within ourselves, communication within a community
• Introduction to Jackal communication: communication that disconnects us, ineffective communication patterns.
• Introduction to Giraffe communication: communication that connects, effective communication skills.
• Skills in dealing with conflict situations, communicating about sensitive topics.
• Skills in cultivating connected, compassionate communities.
• Managing our own inner world and emotions, coming from the right place in our communications.
• Choosing a personal example and learning to use giraffe communication in 4-steps of the model.
• Looking at next steps to how to integrate and live compassionate communication personally and in a community.
• Looking at the possibility of forming an ongoing Compassionate Communication Practice Group and Giraffe support systems.