Morning Plenary – Cultural Safety

Workshop Intro:

9:15 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Increase knowledge about cultural safety, its importance, and the tools to implement it into your co-op housing policies and practices.

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Workshop Location:
Hybrid (In Person and Online)

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Workshop Duration:
0.75 Hrs

Judy Wesley (Aboriginal Housing Management Association)


When cultural safety is integrated, it creates an opportunity for better outcomes. In this session, AHMA will discuss how it has developed an approach to cultural safety that creates and supports practices integrated into every corner of co-op housing, including member selection and retention. This plenary aims to support co-op members in increasing their knowledge about cultural safety, understanding why it is important, and gaining the tools to implement cultural safety into your co-op housing policies and practices.

Plenary Leader

Judy Wesley, Training & Capacity Specialist, Aboriginal Housing Management Association

Ama Sa, Simogyet xSimgitgiigeenx wah’yii. Wilnaltaahl wilps miluulak/xSimgitgiigeenx. LaxSeel Pdeek’y Gitxsan Nation. Judy Wesley is a hereditary chief of the Gitxsan Nation; her traditional chief name is xSimgitgiigeenx. She belongs to the house of Miluulak/xSimgitgiigeenx and came from the frog clan of the Gitxsan nation. Judy is mother to two amazing and kind-hearted sons. In her role as Training & Capacity Specialist at the Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA), Judy creates space for non-Indigenous people to take notice of what is in mind, body, and spirit when working with Indigenous people, as well as their own organizations and wellness journeys. Judy specializes in organizational cultural safety and is an Indigenous-Focused Orientated Trauma and Trauma Complex Therapy Practitioner (Justice Institute of BC). Judy is a leader in decolonization and implementation of programs based in Gitxsan traditional parenting and teachings of Knowledge Keepers/Elders. “The attempt to escape from pain, is what creates more pain” ~ Gabor Maté.

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