Healthy Aging: Growing Old and Living Well

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2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Gain practical tips and resources for healthy aging. This session will ensure that co-op members remain active, connected, and engaged in their communities — and live life to the fullest.

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2.0 Hrs

Mariam Larson, PBD, BA


Explore practical concepts and choices around aging well—for yourself and others. An easy blend of presentation, conversation, and reflection will help you consider priorities and key relationships for navigating later life on your terms. Topics will include housing, care supports, communication and connections.

Workshop Leader

Mariam Larson, PBD, BA

Consulting Gerontologist

Mariam Larson works with government and cross-sector organizations to create all-ages-friendly communities. After a career running her own corporate communications and marketing consultancy, Mariam added gerontology expertise to her professional toolkit. Since 2003, she has developed, managed, and facilitated multiple projects that address older adults’ housing challenges, accessibility issues, caregiver dynamics and aging-family communications, social isolation, transportation barriers, and creation of age- and dementia-friendly services and programs.

Recent projects include the Seniors Housing Collaborative, Seniors Housing Innovation Project, Learn + Connect Series on Homelessness and on Systemic Change, New Westminster COVID-19 Task Force for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities, Allies in Aging Collective Impact Initiative, and age- and dementia-friendly action plans for seven municipalities.

Mariam is an active grandmother to twins and caregiver for her 91-year-old mother. She is always happy to talk about her latest great read and recently took on her first sprint triathlon.

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